Shhh… keep this on the D.L.

I just got a good laugh as the young nurse’s aid said, “It’ll be an adventure.” Why am I up at 2:48 in the morning giving an update? It must be something terrible right? Nope. Most of you are also parents and can quickly figure it out. Think of your kid having a big glass of water right before bedtime and then you having to wake up in the middle of the night to wash the bedding. Delaney still has an I.V. Cart that she is hooked up to that is pumping her full of fluids. What goes in must come out right? So this little “adventure” was just about finding the laundry that is tucked away on the 8th floor when we are currently on the 7th floor. So, I won’t embarrass Delaney by telling you what I am doing here right now, instead I’ll embarrass her by letting you know there is a boy.
As you can imagine, being the little tomboy that she is, Delaney has lots of friends that are boys. In fact I dropped her at birthday party recently where there were about 10 boys and her. They all came running up to her, “Delaney did you see this? Is that a new lego shirt? Cool!” Yep, she is one of the guys. However, there is one boy that ahem… is NOT a boyfriend but is just a special friend that is a boy. It is so cute, her hospital room right now is decorated with a string of pictures that has every kid in her class. Her teacher sent it to Delaney along with a bunch of cards that the kids made and a giant stuffed bunny rabbit that is about as big as Delaney. Right in the middle of the string, is the cute smiling photo of Delaney. However, if you want to make her blush, just ask which picture is the picture of her “boyyyyfriend.”
As a father of four daughters you would think that I would immediately be against this, but this boy is just so darn cute that you’ve just got to love him. His name (we are still on the down low here right?) is Jacob R. I believe he is one of three Jacob’s in her class so it is never just Jacob, but always “Jacob R.” My wife and I had to warn his parents that we didn’t know how she would react when at one of their first play dates he was going to give her flowers. He thought better of it and their special friendship has evolved to the point where Delaney even recently just got to go to the Monster Truck rally with him. They got to sit in a suite together, eat popcorn, and even have hot cocoa. Sounds like a date to me!
I’m not sure if there will be wedding bells or anything though because Delaney has lots of suitors. Like the little boy at her preschool graduation last May that walked right up to me and said, “I’m going to marry your daughter.” What??? I wonder if I was ever that smooth when I was five years old? Who am I kidding? I’m not that smooth at 40 years old. That’s probably why just last weekend Delaney told me that I could marry Charlie (our dog) because she was going to marry Mommy. I’ve gotta go… that darn Charlie keeps wiggling out of his wedding dress.

5 thoughts on “Shhh… keep this on the D.L.

  1. Thanks for sharing ALL of this information and humor! Although I have never met Delaney, I do love her. I keep picturing my Daughter (also a tomboy) when I see Delaney. Keep your head up and stay strong Brother! Gods Love and Peace!

  2. Tom…I have been following your blog and I love reading about little Delaney. Jacob R… CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE his buddy! Being the father of the boy who wanted to give your daughter flowers on their first play date makes me proud…he really loves to play and be around your little girl, so he thought of the movie “The Tale of Despereaux”. You know, when they ask if he is a man or a mouse and the little mouse with BIG ears replies “I am a Gentleman…”. It was just is way of trying to show his “Gentleman” side. She is so happy, fun and a joy to be around it’s no wonder why he was drawn to be her little friend. Please, once again, let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We are all thinking and praying for Delaney and we can not wait to see her smiling little face! And by the way, I have some photos of the Monster Truck night if you want me to send them to you. Maybe those photos and a few others I have of Jake and Delaney might brighten her day a bit more. Take care!

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated Tom. Delaney will kick it’s butt and come out of it laughing. Your whole family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Biszantz Family

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