Alphabet soup and sombreros

So are you tired of the updates yet? The good news is that we have no idea who is or isn’t following and we’ll never know if you just check the “remove me” link. I mention that for a couple of reasons: 1. I really don’t want anyone to feel guilty for just saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” 2. Part of the advantage of a blog is nobody has to follow. This is really only for people that actually WANT these updates. I am not going to feel guilty for posting too much or too little. With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get on to the important stuff: Delaney.
Okay, I’ll be honest and let you know that I withheld a little info yesterday (which I am going to reserve the right to do). We had lab results YESTERDAY that came back with some scary numbers (at least to this lay-person). Her hemoglobin (no relation to Casper) was really low. In fact, if it got any lower, they were going to need to do a blood transfusion. So at about 2 in the morning, they came in and took more blood from Delaney. She is kind of like the army in that way, she gave more blood by 2 am than you did all day. Anyway, almost by the time we woke up, they had the results and she was all good! The only thing to note is she is a little neutropenic (so she can get sick easily). Today’s was the first chemo in the port and she did great. She had a little headache tonight and is a little tired. Otherwise, she is doing fantastico!
Neutropenia is just one of the fancy new words I am learning. Besides the words I am also learning enough acronyms and abbreviations to fill up any soup bowl (okay, I am not really “learning” them but when the docs come in and start discussing them all with Stacey,I at least stroke my beard so they will think I know what the heck they are talking about… I try the same thing with my mechanic but he isn’t fooled either). I would share all of them but in Delaney’s words that would be, “borrrrinnnggg!!!!” Besides, my goal here isn’t to make us all a bunch of cancer nerds. In fact, I’ll share a new French term I learned (possibly made up) and I apologize if I spell it wrong or you pronounce it incorrectly but it goes like this: Screw Le cancer! I want this to be about Delaney not some stupid illness.
I am realizing that at this point, many (most?) of you reading this haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting the little stinker! If it is cool with you, I might just choose to share little tidbits that will help you get to know Delaney. That way, when she is running for President in a couple of years, you’ll be comfortable voting for her. I have so many things I can share, but I promise I’ll try to break them up to avoid the War and Peace factor again.
Anyhoo, I already shared that Delaney is in kindergarten but I didn’t share that she was one of only two (I think) kindergartners that were in the school play. Not only did Delaney make it in the play (okay… everyone that tried out made it, but still) she got not one, but two parts. The play was The Wizard of Oz and Delaney got to be Woody the Tree and the Blue Munchkin. The director encouraged the kids to be creative and bring their own personality to their part. So, the attached picture is Delaney, the Blue Munchkin. Buenas Noches!


12 thoughts on “Alphabet soup and sombreros

  1. I love getting the updates Bro! I am continually Praying for Delaney as well as you guys and the Doctors! GOD Bless all of you!!!!!

  2. Tom, I love your updates because they give me hope. You never need to apologize for your humor or writing too much or too little. This is about Delaney and your family. There are no rules except the ones you make up. So much is out of your control and I know that you have put it in God’s hands (which is where it should be), but this blog you get to control.

  3. Want you to know that Delaney & all of you are in our hearts and in our prayers. God Bless and keep you. Keep the updates coming. From your Aunt Dee & Don

  4. Please tell Ms. Delaney that Kajsa (Kindie classmate) misses her very much. Delaney is such a cutie and we are thinking of you.

  5. Tom and Family,

    I have been praying every day for Delaney, she is one tough little girl.

    I know in my heart the angels are watching over Delaney.


  6. Staffords- you guys are amazing and we adore your family! Please know that the Hurst’s are praying relentlessly for delaney and all of you!
    Love that you are sharing delaney with us in your blog- it is a joy to get to know the precious girl we are praying for!
    Miss and love you all! The Hurst’s

  7. You are all in our hearts and prayers. Please tell Delaney Caitlin (kindergarten) misses her tomboy buddy. She hangs out with the boys too. 🙂 Delaney is so sweet, smart, and always has a smile on her face every time I have worked with her volunteering at school. Caitlin adores her and can’t wait to see her soon. Give Delaney hugs from Caitlin.

  8. My daughter Ashley was the yellow munchkin in the Wizard of Oz play with Delaney, and your little Delaney is amazing, she has so much spunk! We will be praying for her and your family to get through this as easily as possible. Please let us know if you ever need anything.

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