I may as well start at the beginning

     Hello and thanks for dropping by.  Some of you know a little already and some of you already know a lot.  Well scratch that, we don’t even know a lot yet but anyway I figure if I start at the beginning, we can all be at the same page.  My name is Tom, my wife is Stacey, and our daughter is Delaney.  Delaney has 3 sisters and is quite possibly THE sweetest person in the entire universe.  And according to people a lot smarter than me, Delaney also has leukemia.

      Last Thursday Delaney mentioned that her ear was hurting.  I figured that it was probably an ear infection so I better make her an appointment to see the doctor.  However, Delaney being the avid reader that she is, did not want to miss her special day of kindergarten where she got to read to the class so I held off on making the appointment that morning.  By that afternoon, she was in tears because her ear hurt so bad so I made her an appointment for the next morning.  She took some medicine for the pain and eventually drifted off to sleep. 

       At about 9:30, she woke up crying and my wife went into console her.  She carried her into our bedroom and said, “look at her face.”  Extending to her cheeks about an inch from the bottom of her ear was really swollen.  Long story short (okay shorter anyway), Stacey called the advice line and was told that she should take our daughter into the Emergency Room right away so she did.

       So even though my wife just worked a 12 hour shift at her own nursing job, and that she was going to get things ready for another daughter’s birthday the following day, she put on her Mom cape and headed to the E.R. Delaney, really just wanted for cuddle with her Mommy and Daddy and for the pain to go away, but she did not want to go to doctor’s office at that time of night.  “Come on” my wife told her, “it’ll be an adventure.”

     At the ER, they took some labs, looked at the swelling on her face which they thought was an infected parietal gland and then analyzed the results of the lab-work they just took.  Whatever they saw sufficiently spooked them to the point where they said, “Uhhh… we need  her moved to a different ER!”  They notified my wife that Delaney had to be transported via ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO.  Delaney said, “Ambulance???”  Stacey said, “It’ll be an adventure.”  Her adventure ended the next morning after she threw up some sort of disgusting medicine.   The doctors at Children’s said that it was probably an infected lymph node, prescribed some antibiotics, and sent us on our merry way. 

      What will sure to be a recurring theme here, and also happens to be a real blessing, is that my wife is a darn good nurse.  She actually was an oncology (cancer) nurse for over ten years before moving on to hospice.  She knows her stuff.  So when the doctor said we were free to go, Stacey started politely pressing about the “no restriction” part of the release (Delaney was busy doing a silly dance while singing, “Free at Last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m free at last.”).  Apparently, Stacey knew that at her place, a patient with that low of a white blood cell count would have some restrictions. ” But”, the doctor pointed out while politely semi-brushing her off, “you work with old folks who are already sick, and Delaney is young and healthy.” 

    My wife being the natural Florence Nightingale she is, imposed her own restrictions.  I took Delaney’s sisters to the Wildlife Museum and then on a real treasure hunt (Geo-caching– go on… call me a nerd and get it over with).  Delaney did not participate in the day’s fun so she could take it easy.   On Sunday Delaney was feeling so good she kicked my butt all the way through an Insanity workout, “Come on Dad, lift your knees higher, Dig Deeper!!!”  She didn’t only pull drill sergeant rank on me, she did the entire workout with me.  I point that out to because to illustrate the energy levels she had and still has as of right now.  She doesn’t feel sick… she just wants to go home and get back to school.

      Monday (yesterday) was a day just chalk full of adventures, including some that we’ll never forget.  Stacey took Delaney to what we thought was a routine follow-up appointment in the morning.   She was then notified that the first doctor from Friday night called over to say, “hey, get this kid’s blood drawn right away because we are hoping what we think we saw, was a mistake.”  So they took more blood from Delaney and then Stacey was able to take her home while we waited to hear something.   The first something was a call stating we needed to get Delaney to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor to check out her lymph node/ parietal gland.  So we trekked across town to be told by a very nice E.N.T. doc, “I really don’t know what this swelling is, but it doesn’t really matter because it isn’t even related to the irregular lab, and that may be your real problem.”

        A few hours later we got the call that immediately put our priorities in proper perspective: “You need to call on any and all support systems you have because we believe Delaney probably has leukemia and you need to get her back to the ER right away where she will be admitted.”  You could have taken a large hammer to our skulls and it probably would have been less of a blow to us at that point.  Our 12 year old saw us and immediately knew something was wrong.  We had her pack a bag, quickly packed our own bags, and headed back to Children’s Hospital.  Delaney knew something was up and after already having been seen by two different doctors that day, did NOT want to go on one more adventure.  

At this point I am just going to admit to barely being able to keep my eyes open.  I am sure there are typos, misspelled words, better designs, etc., that I can improve on at some point when I am more awake. I’ll update this to keep everyone posted.  IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THESE UPDATES: There should be some sort of area that allows you to “follow” by entering your email address in that area.  If you choose to do that, when there is an update posted, it will be emailed to you right away.    THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS FOR DELANEY!!!!!Image