Thank you

Blessed. There is no other word for it. We are definitely blessed and just the showing of love and support we are receiving is enough to bring tears to our eyes. Yes Delaney is sick, but with soooo much bad, let me share some good:
– Our employers and co-workers have both been amazing!
-no fewer than 5 people offered to get on a plane to come out here immediately.
-Stacey’s mom and her husband were out here (Denver) from California within hours of us getting the call.
-Stacey’s mom is able to stay at our house and help with our other kids for a month! Even this idiot can’t insert a mother-in-law joke here but I can point out that her husband is bald as a billiard!
-within 24 hours of getting the call, we had not one, but two pastors from our church visit us at the hospital just to pray with us and just be there for us.
-we have people praying for Delaney literally across the world. So many of them we will never meet but we really appreciate. Heck, this even has some of our heathen friends praying for Delaney 🙂
-Our friends went into action immediately! Dinners, cards, gifts, you name it, and they have provided. They have done more than provide, they have organized and coordinated and just said, “you guys be there got Delaney, we’ll handle this.”
– the kind words if encouragement from friends (and even strangers) from all over the globe.
-the girls schools and people we may not even know at them but they love our little D have just sprung into action with support.
-the level of care Delaney is receiving at Children’s Hospital in Aurora. Right after the first doctor told us that she had leukemia left, my wife’s mind started racing: “how do we even know this place is any good, what is there level of success with chemo, is this the right place for her to be at?” Right away we found out that they are among the top 10 in the nation. Even beyond rankings, the doctors, nurses, and staff have all been incredible and just so loving with Delaney (and us).
-the type of cancer she has. Days are kind of blending together but I think yesterday (maybe two days ago) we were waiting to hear which kind of cancer she has. One would that she come back to the hospital and be admitted each time for the chemo, and the other would allow for future chemo treatments (after this initial week in the hospital) to be outpatient. She got the “good” kind.

I know Thank You cannot cover our gratitude for all the above (and SOOO much more) but I just want to let everyone know how much my family and I appreciate everything.

Delaney’s stuff yesterday seemed to go well enough. Her port kinda gives her the cool ironman look. Best of all, she even got to see two of her sisters yesterday! She just woke up, so I’ll leave you with this pic of some awesome sister love.


6 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I will continue to Pray for Delaney and your Family unceasingly! With GODS love and compassion you WILL find comfort and warmth in this time of apparent darkness. My love and thoughts and Prayers have been with you all since Pastor Jim (MSM) told me about the situation. My Daughter is Delaneys age…. It breaks my heart in a million pieces to think of how I would react or deal with this. Be strong in the LORD for HE is with you! GOD bless you guys!

  2. Thank you for sharing all the blessings surrounding you and your family. It is an amazing thing to see and hear God working and see His spirit in all of you. We are praying. Love you guys.

  3. Praying for the family (Christs) for sure. I have a sister in law who lives in Pueblo and has been dealing with leukemia for years. We are here in Ca but our hearts are in Colorado wih you. Go Broncos!!!!!

  4. Hi, My name is Korinne and I’m a close friend of Kirsten’s. I heard of your daughter when she was going in for testing (a few nights ago) and wanted to let you know that Delaney and your family are at the top of our list for our Lenten sacrifices as well as the St. Joseph’s novena we are in. We will continue to pray for you all. Many Blessings

  5. We are praying for you all and especially sweet Delaney! Our God’s a healer, I claim that now for Delaney! I pray strength and courage and discernment for you. I pray for Godly wisdom for the doctors. And I pray for peace, comfort, and rest for all your daughters. The church is moving, you are loved Staffords!

  6. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all the updates, you make me cry but at the same time I’m smiling with the cute stories you write about her. Delaney has a beautiful spirit about her just like her mom, and although i have never met her i will never forget her. Delaney is my HERO!!!!

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