Today’s fun

I don’t pretend to be an expert on leukemia, but as I learn, I may as well educate you all as well. I’ve got to make it quick because today’s fun starts in about 10 minutes. Today they are putting a port into her chest. It basically makes them giving her medicine easier in the future. Instead of finding new holes to poke her in, they just access the port. It will be under her skin and is sturdy. They will also be doing a lumbar puncture. Yesterday’s bone marrow test showed that the cancer is already in her bone marrow at 90%. Today’s test will tell us if it is in her spinal fluids. It will be about a 2 hour procedure and she will be sedated the entire time.
She is doing awesome. She already spanked me in War, took Grammy’s connect the dots away because she wasn’t doing it right, and supposedly beat me in a coloring contest (official results are pending while I am appealing the judges that are being biased about how cute the little toothless contestant).
Let me brag about my beautiful wife for a second. You know that port that Delaney is about to get in her. Stacey did her Master’s Thesis on it (technically made a full educational thing on it to teach families about it, proper care, etc.). Stud. Of course, Stacey is first and foremost a Mom. She can probably recite all this medical jargon in her sleep, but it is different when it is your own kid. I mention proper care because it is a “foreign body” in our body and can also be the port for infection which we can’t have.
By the way, my lack of knowledge is obvious (I am basically clueless in all of life but what are you going to do) but I’ll share a good tip that the doctor told us: Stay off wikipedia. If you want info (that is actually accurate) they referenced Children’s Oncology Group– Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. By now you are probably seeing 50 typos with each post but I haven’t had time to edit, etc. In other words, I am just trying to share even if this is far from perfect.
Thank you for your prayers and I’ll try to shoot out another update tonight. Speaking of tonight, Delaney’s sisters (the ones that aren’t in college) are going to come check out the hospital. They were told last night so know what is going on and are excited to come (hopefully) get to see their little sister. For those of you that don’t know Delaney personally, this will give you a little taste of her very funny personality: I told my oldest the first night. As she tried to hold back tears and be positive with her baby sister, little Delaney heckled her with, “Boooorrrrrinnnngggg!” Our little Tomboy is already tired of the pink. “Oh your a girl, you must want a pink bandage, pink this or pink that.” She finally got some of her Tomboy boost last night when some good friends brought her a blanket. What was the design? None other than Darth Vader. Oh yeah, that’s what she is talking about!!!!

2 thoughts on “Today’s fun

  1. Tom – so glad you are posting all of this…Delaney is like a 2nd son to us (haha), and we are praying that everything goes okay with all of today’s procedures.

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