From D-Day through today (hopefully)

Good morning. I am going to try to catch from where I left off but first I’ll digress to share that I am an awful parent and that beautiful picture of Delaney I posted confirms that. She no longer looks like that. No, she isn’t losing her hair yet (apparently that will be within the next couple of weeks), but she no longer has all those teeth in that picture. In fact we woke up in our own beds in what was our normal lives on Monday morning and were just talking in bed before Delaney burst into our room in tears. “Did you not lock up Charlie last night?” she cried. What? Why? “Charlie is in his crate baby, what’s going on why are you so upset?” “The last time the tooth fairy didn’t come it was because we forgot to lock up Charlie and she didn’t come last night!” The last time? Ouch? Worst. Dad. EVER. Apparently the tooth fairy was just a little delayed this time because of the blizzard we had Sunday. Phew!
Anyway, I’m not sure where we left off last night on this crazy (Non) Adventure so I’ll just pick up from somewhere. Monday night (still at the ER), they wanted to take more blood. Yes, they had already seen the other lab results but their pathologist was going to need their own sample. By the way there are a few things that are going to get me through this: My faith in Jesus Christ,my wonderful support system of family and friends (including you), and my humor. Some or all of these may offend you, but please understand that if a joke seems to offend you (how could he even be joking at a time like this???)right now I am trying to do whatever it takes to get through this. I, only mention this because when the first doc in at the ER, he looked exactly like that actor from Juno. My wife and I looked at each other like, “If freaking Ashton Kutcher is punking us right now, I am going to punch him right in the nose!” What I wouldn’t give right now to learn that we were just being punked and this was all a stupid joke.
Besides Juno, a very nice young woman came in from a group that I always forget (Child life?) but I will get the correct answer because for everything they do, they at least deserve proper recognition. Anyway, she showed Delaney on a stuffed Teddy Bear where they were going to poke her and prod her. Then the docs came in and did just what she said. Then… we waited. Apparently, that is something we are going to have to get used to.
Eventually another doctor came in. She wasn’t from the E.R. but was a Hematologist-Oncologist doctor from the 7th floor. She said that she had a chance to look at the lab results as well and that she couldn’t confirm it 100% until the Chief Pathologist came in, but she was almost sure that it was leukemia. On a completely unrelated note: as I write this little Delaney is giggling up a storm because she just tooted.
Back to the doctor. She was very nice and spent a lot of time with us but the thing that immediately stuck out was her her choice of words, “WHEN we start chemo…” Just like that we went from IF to a WHEN. That when by the way, at least at that time, was going to be the next day. She spoke with us for about 45 minutes and told us they were going to be moving us to the 7th floor and kind of the game plan from there. We knew from when we got THE CALL earlier that day we would be there overnight, but we just found out that we would be at the hospital for a week.
Delaney’s new room is great. It has a spectacular view of the Colorado Rockies and two extra make-shift beds for us to stay in which we are only able to due thanks go Grammy and Grandpa Tim getting on a flight and immediately coming out. They are watching our other kids and getting them to school, etc. which allows us to be with Delaney full-time right now. Much Appreciated!
Anyway, before this post becomes War and Peace, I feel like I should move it along lil’ Doggy. Yesterday they took her in and pulled out some bone marrow. They confirmed that it is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L). Today they are going to put a port in her chest and do a lumbar puncture. With the lumbar puncture they take out some spinal fluids and replace it with what will be her very first dose of chemo. Then she starts her “Induction Phase” tomorrow. I’m getting long winded, but I finally got us to today! Yayyy.
Delaney is up and doing great. She is being her silly goofball self. Grammy and Grandpa are going to bring her sisters by today after school. They can’t come up to her room but we might be able to take Delaney down to see them if she is feeling up to it. We appreciate your continued prayers and support. Today’s procedure will take about 2 hours and is scheduled to start at 1pm (MST).
Oh, real quick, before I wrap this up, a quick shout out to the Denver Rocky Mountain Chapter of Harley Riders (again, probably not exactly correct). Once a month they buy this floor pizza. So last night we ate pizza, girl scout cookies, and Delaney even got her first “Doo-Rag” all complements of the local HOGS!
I am realizing these may be fragmented going forward. Please understand that I’ll give updates as we have them. They may stop suddenly if a doctor comes in or something, or like right now when I’ve got to go jump in on the tickle fight!

5 thoughts on “From D-Day through today (hopefully)

  1. Oh Tom, your sweet precious little girl will be in our daily prayers! I will put her on my email prayer chain my Mom started years ago. We have seen many miracles & seen the “Master Physician” heal & restore! You are an amazing family! Big hugs!!!

  2. I was diagnosed with A.L.L. last January and have been in complete remission for about a year now. Thinking of Delaney and your family!

    If you want a snapshot of what I went through (and am currently going through) physically, emotionally, mentally, check out my own cancer blog (language warning – I’ve decided life is too short to self-censor):

  3. Delaney and your family will be in our prayers in here in Des Moines Iowa, God has a plan!
    God Bless!!!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Delaney. You are in for a rough year, but with the harsh meds there are so many moments of normal time too. My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia last June and is doing great. I’m sure Delaney will be too. I see you’re in Colorado. We use to be practically neighbors. We still have a house in Littleton. I wish you and your family the best.


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